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[Do you feel as if your mind knows exactly what's needed to move forward and shift after trauma... but your body won't let you? If so - this Somatic Experiencing Package Is For Your ]

Trauma leaves an energetic reverberation - an echo - stuck in the tissues, nerves and joints of the body. When we can learn how to relate to this stuck energy, when we learn how to  build the capacity to be with this uncomfortable energy then we can shift from symptom management to deep core healing that goes far beyond symptoms


DISCLAIMER: this Somatic Experiencing sessions are not intended to replace therapy. Please consult your mental health professional if needed. I am not a therapist, I am a life coach and somatic experiencing practioner. Keep in mind that each individual is responsible for all their personal decisions that they make.

 Refund Policy: In order to maintain integrity, there are no refunds for this purchase.