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Bio Energetics


Based on 21st Century Science, Technology

& Quantum Physics

It's impossible to feel 'unstuck' and whole again after trauma until there is a proper flow of energy and information in the body. Trauma gets stuck in the body and it scrambles the energy of the body. Imagine trying to communicate with someone on your cell phone when there is a bad connection. It's impossible to share information this way - well the body works in the same way. The emotional oscillations of trauma cause the body to have an 'incoherent signal.' This incoherence causes both physical and emotional side effects that keep a person feeling stuck. This is where bio energetics may be just what is needed to regain that coherence in mind and body. 

As a Nes Health Practitioner I am now offering biofeedback  sessions which include:

  • One Bio feedback scan that we will go over together that will assess your body field. 
  • Wellness Portal Access - to provide free and affordable resources
  • Customized Recovery Plan including 5 infoceuticals to provide the support your body needs 

It’s time for your mind and body to receive the help that it needs as it journeys towards recovery and wholeness.

$199/ Session includes 5 infoceuticals



[ Biofeedback scans are not designed to provide a diagnosis nor to treat any illness. Rather the scans as well as the infoceuticals are designed to provide support to your body field in the areas where your body is asking for support. 


If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under the age of 18;

If you are taking any medications that are designed to suppress your immune system then you should not take infoceuticals.