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Trauma Informed Recovery Coaching


My 9 Session Package Combines Cognitive Learning w/ Somatic Experiencing Tools To Help You Get 'UNSTUCK' and Experience Lasting Change

My name is Michele Lee Nieves and I am the founder of The Thrivers School of Transformation. I'm also an author, a Trauma Informed Life Coach and  Trauma Recovery Coaching Instructor. I specialize in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, Childhood Trauma and Complex PTSD.

The reason I am so dedicated to helping individuals overcome emotional trauma is because I know first hand how hard narcissistic abuse and emotional trauma is to overcome. I've been there.....

On my own healing journey - finding what truly helped heal trauma felt like I was searching for the holy grail!!! It was hard, it was a very 2 step forward 3 steps back kind of journey. 

But I did it..... and it changed my life- and my goal is to help others experience life WITHOUT the side effects of the trauma that is stealing your happiness and authenticity.

I combine my ICF training with both cognitive and somatic modalities in my practice. I've found that by using the two together,  is what truly helps individuals shift from who they HAD to be due to the trauma, into who they truly are! You can not recover from trauma with 'words alone or logic' nor can you recover with JUST somatic modalities and no understanding - it's really the combination that yields lasting results!!

Some of the modalities that I offer as part of my coaching package are:

  • Releasing Trapped Emotions via Kinesiology:  to identify and release trapped emotions. When we suppress emotions - they stay stuck in the nervous system and the 'weight' of them often holds us back from accomplishing our goals. This is a non-invasive, holistic healing modality that helps us to unload that emotional baggage.  
  • Trauma Release Breathwork: Trauma does not reside in the cortical regions of the brain - it is subcortical. The theory behind TRB is that it calms your default mode network (which acts as a restraint on your limbic network). With the restraint removed, our brains are free to explore more unconscious material. Childhood memories and many others that were long forgotten can come up - giving us the ability to add information, process and release. These sessions are available to members of Thrivers School of Transformation
  • Somatic Experiencing (year two): We cannot release trauma that is trapped in the unconscious, in the body - using logic! We need to bring the nervous system INTO the session with us - this is a powerful modality to help release stuck survival energy and to retrain the nervous system in real time!!!!



The value of purchasing a coaching package, is that it gives you a period of time in which to be actively working towards your goals.

One coaching session can help you to find the direction you want to go, as well as to identify the road blocks that currently exist along the way.

But it's the consistency that helps you to stay on your chosen path as you create and strengthen your new empowering beliefs, weaken old disempowering ones, learn healthy relationship patterns, increase self love/self care, work through emotional flashbacks/triggers and so much more. 

The overall goal is to help you to break free of the protective self that was created through trauma, so that you can become your authentic self - the person you really are and not who the trauma forced you to be.


Some of the topics that people come to me for coaching are:

How to Stop Reacting

How to Overcome Emotional Flashbacks

How to Set Boundaries

How to Regulate my Nervous System

How to Break Out of Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn

How to Love Myself Again

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

How to Live Life Authentically

How to Create Healthy Relationships

How to Overcome Childhood Trauma

How to Work Through Cptsd

How to Get UNSTUCK After Narcissistic Relationships

And so much more!!!

[ Please know that life coaching is not a substitute for therapy. I am not a therapist and any decisions you make on your healing journey are made through your own initiative and reflect your personal decisions.]