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BEGINNERS Healing After Narcissistic Abuse & INTERMEDIATE 12 Week Breakthrough CPTSD Video Courses

 Are you tired of being stuck in survival mode, unable to think clearly or to feel calm within?

Are you tired of reacting of feeling depressed or anxious, yet can't seem to break out of it?

Are you tired of feeling as if you are surviving with very little to no enjoyment in life?

Are you tired of feeling like healing is becoming a career and nothing is working?

Does the past seem like it has you prisoner and unable to be happy in the present?

Are you still trying to put all the pieces together as to what happened and what it did to you?

Do you want to find tools that have proven successful with other victims of narcissistic abuse?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this course is for you!! What you'll get:

  •  Understanding of how the brain and the body get dysregulated as well as tips and tools to re-establish balance 
  • You will learn about self love, emotional flashbacks, self parenting and how to live mindfully present
  • Once your nervous system is calm with the help of the beginner course, you will move on to the next course and follow a 12 week breakthrough cptsd workshop
  • Weekly podcasts providing emotional literacy, and tools that help break free of the side effects of emotional trauma
  • Follow along with other survivors, hear their stories, their struggles and how they apply what they are learning.
  • These are self-paced video courses allowing you to go as fast or as slow as feels comfortable for you. 

[ Please keep in mind that this course is not a substitute for therapy. I am not a therapist, I am a certified life coach. You are responsible for the choices you make on your healing journey,. ]