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Application: Trauma Informed Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Certification Course

Upcoming Certification course begins October 22nd 2022/ Seating Is Limited]

By beginning this application process you are: 

  • [Upon paying the application fee you will receive an appointment for a One-on-One Consult with Michele Lee Nieves. Together you will go over the time commitment as well as the requirements for the certification course and have any of your questions answered personally.]
  • [ After your interview with Michele - once accepted into this course - you are securing a spot in the upcoming training. Please know the $50 application fee will be deducted from cost of Certification] Early bird special: $1,900 if paid by September 1st) 
  • Cost after September 1st: is $2,100 - there is a payment plan available!!

I am soo excited to invite you to participate in the upcoming Trauma Informed Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching Certification scheduled to begin November 2022, because I truly believe that it is the best online Trauma Informed Coaching Certification Program currently available.

Becoming a life coach that specializes in helping individuals that have undergone emotional trauma, truly changed my life.

Trauma changes you - it turns you into the person you 'had to be' in order to survive- while burying your authentic self. There's nothing worse than simply surviving life - instead of passionately living it and thriving.

My goal with this program is to equip you to learn the trauma informed tools that help people to get 'unstuck' so that they can shift from simply tolerating life to creating the life they truly want. 

And I can say from first hand experience that when you turn your own traumatic past into a catapult of empowerment for the good of yourself and others - that it provides such a deep sense of satisfaction and inner contentment.

This is how we make a difference – one life... one person at a time.

This is how you take all of the hard work that you had to put into your own recovery journey and allow it to spread out and help others. Leaving a small thumbprint on the recovery  journey of another trauma survivor is priceless.

When did this Certification Begin and why did I choose to create it?

My first certification course began in 2017. After coaching individuals one on one for a period of time – many that had put a lot of work into their own personal recovery had a strong desire to then pay it forward. Many began calling themselves ‘coaches. The desire to help others is beautiful – however, when working with people that have undergone trauma, there is also a heavy weight of responsibility.

Over and over again, so many of my clients from all over the world were sharing horrifying and heartbreaking experiences with me about other coaches and even therapists – and there was a common theme:

Many people in the healing profession, due to their lack of understanding trauma, were accidentally re-traumatizing individuals. Or those that had undergone trauma themselves did not have the proper understanding of how to help trauma victims without retraumatizing them.

These were some of the things that I began hearing over and over again:

“There was no empathy.”

“There was too much empathy, I felt like I was the coach.”

“They were triggered and then ghosted me when I shared my trauma.”

“They gave me the worst advice and I paid a heavy price.”

“They made me feel like it was all my fault.”

‘I felt like I was paying them to help them to learn what narcissistic abuse was.”

“They didn’t believe me.”

And this is just a small list of experiences that I was hearing about on a regular basis.

That was when I decided to make sure that I had the best training in the industry... so that I could put together a program that thoroughly trained individuals to be the best, most qualified trauma recovery coaches available.

Each year I have updated my Certification Program so that each student, upon ending the 5 month Training Program, can feel fully equipped to begin an international Life Coaching career.

What has been the update for 2022?

When Covid hit in 2019 – I took a break from my certification course and created the Thrivers School of Transformation- which is an online membership where survivors of emotional trauma meet live weekly to do the ‘inner recovery work’ together.

However, while my certification program was on hold – it was also being updated.

The program now includes an intense personal development portion so that individuals that have been through trauma themselves, have the opportunity to strengthen their own recovery journey so that they are in the best place to work with individuals that have been through trauma.

The trauma in someone else has the ability to unconsciously ‘touch’ on your own unhealed and unprocessed trauma.

So it was my desire to strengthen future coaches so that they are in the best place to help others, and so that they can effectively hold a safe place for individuals that seek their coaching.

I have also applied for accreditation!!!!

Upon ending this 5 month program – you will be receiving a Certificate from an ACCREDITED program – giving you just another reason to feel fully equipped as a Trauma informed Life Coach.

Are you ready to take all of your hard work that you have gone through on your recovery journey – and pay it forward to help others that are not as far along????