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How to Overcome Social Anxiety

[ Toxic relationships can keep you a prisoner within yourself, especially when it comes to narcissistic abuse. Narcissistic relationships instill in you the following limiting beliefs (to mention a few):

* There's something wrong with me

* I have to work harder and harder to find the secret formula to make you happy

* I'm bad

* I'm unworthy

* I'm not enough

* I'm unlovable

Is it any wonder that so many victims of narcissistic abuse suffer with social anxiety??

This course is designed to help you to have the tools needed to shift forward!!

You had no control over what happened to you in childhood, nor can you change the past in regards to long term romantic relationships that were emotionally crippling.

But you CAN take responsibility for the present and the direction of your future!!!

This course is designed to help you to do that.

[Disclaimer: This self paced video course is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace therapy or clinical care. Please consult your health professional in regards to your specific circumstances. ]