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Process & Release Past Anger

Anger & Resentment keep you living in the past. Even if you are out of all toxic relationships - anger and resentment are like emotional suitcases you carry with you that continually affect your life in a negative way..... until you put them down!!!

In this recorded workshop you will learn: 

* How Anger is a Secondary Emotion and How the Primary Emotions Fuel Anger

* The difference between emotional pain and trauma

* How to use your anger as feedback 

* How to process your core wound and upgrade your beliefs

* How to overcome resentment hunger

* How to overcome resistance of letting it go


[Disclaimer:  Please remember that this live workshop is not intended to be a substitute for therapy. Consult your doctor or therapist if needed and know that participation in this workshop is the personal decision of each member and please understand that your participation is your personal decision. Each member of the workshop recognizes that taking part in this workshop is their personal decision and they take responsibility in their healing journey. Each member recognizes that Michele is a certified professional coach, not a therapist or counselor. ]