Learn to feel safe again in your body 

Learning how to overcome the side effects of trauma, to shed the coping skills and protective self that keep you stuck in survival is hard. But you do NOT have to do this alone!

 Thrivers School of Transformation Provides:

  • Trauma Informed Themes that provide a systematic and measurable approach to recovery (see list below)
  • LIVE weekly meetings on zoom. Consistency Is Important¬†
  • Weekly Group Coaching. LIVE Customized support & assistance
  • Somatic Experiencing - Learn the language of the body
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Trauma Release Breathwork Sessions
  • Community Support
  • Trauma Informed Tools and Information
I'm Ready To Commit To ... Me!!


Each Month We Choose A New Topic


  • The Somatics Of Trauma Recovery
  • How to Feel Safe In Your Body
  • How to Stop Fawning
  • Overcome 5 Main Components of Cptsd (Emotional Flashbacks, Toxic Shame, Self Abandonment, Social Anxiety, Inner Critic)
  • Working Somatically with Fight/ Flight/ Freeze/ Fawn Trauma Responses
  • Learn the 5 Channels the Body Uses To Digest Trauma
  • How to Break Out of The Protective Self and Live Authentically
  • How to Make Capacity For Joy After Abuse
  • How to Succesfully Reparent Yourself & Upgrade Negative Subconscious Beliefs


How Can Thrivers Help ME?

On my OWN Cptsd Recovery Journey I learned the following is needed to experience lasting change:

  • Time & Dedication as well as an Affordable Holistic Approach that Combines Mind & Body Modalities
  • LIVE Help via Consistent Trauma Informed Coaching (videos are NOT enough)
  • Somatic Modalities to help update the brain & body and remove faulty 'wiring' that trauma creates. Trauma gets stuck in the body and we must learn the language of the body in order to process and release it.
  • A supportive community(emotional trauma is a relational wound, we need people with us on this journey)... it takes a village!!
Thrivers Has ALL Of The Above And So Much More!

What customers are saying...


 I've been with Thrivers for a full year now and have really enjoyed and appreciated the excellent content and environment you have created - you've made the healing journey so much less scary, lonely and well - painful if that makes sense! Each time I think I'm ready to leave - the new topic is sooo good that I simply don't want to go!! Thank you for your help on this difficult journey


Thrivers is truly amazing!! I had been trying to find group support around the topic of narcissistic abuse recovery because it is so important to me since I grew up in a narcissistic family system. I can confidently say this is the best quality group I've come across in all the years that I've been searching! The content is absolutely amazing!


I have only been in Thrivers School of Transformation for about 4 months and yet it has been one of the best decisions I've made on my healing journey. The lessons, the people, the exercises are a whole new world of help, support and healing far above and beyond simply watching videos. If you're on the fence with joining, my humble, unsolicited advice is to give it a try - you won't regret it!



I am so thankful that the Lord led me to Thrivers and although I have a long road ahead, I see how my awareness is closing the gap on my reactions and dysregulation. Thank you for all you do. 







I'm beside myself with joy that I am no longer the biggest abuser of myself in my life and I'm so grateful for the healing I've done so far, for  Michelle's program and this community. We don't see each other face to face, but hearing your journeys, watching you all grow and knowing I'm not alone has been absolutely everything.

Onward to more growth, healing and joy. I don't have words to express how much I appreciate you all.





9 - 12 LIVE Meetings Each Month  

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