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When you begin to truly understand that trauma is less what happened TO you and more the unmetabolized stuck energy in your nervous system - you realize that trauma is NOT a life sentence.

And when you learn how to combine Cognitive Learning with Somatic Modalities you begin speaking the bodies language, which is needed to redesign yourself from the inside out. 

I'm Michele and it is my life's mission to help people to learn the mind and body tools that give them the power to release the past and to overcome the side effects and coping skills that come with a traumatized nervous system. You do NOT have to stay as the person the trauma turned you into... rather you CAN become your best and most empowered trauma- free self. 


My methods

Let's Transform Together:


There is a difference between experiencing trauma and becoming traumatized.

Our nervous system is designed to help us handle difficult situations, but sometimes a traumatic event happens too fast, is too much, happened when we were too young to handle it or lasts for too long combined with not having support while enduring it - which causes our nervous system to get 'stuck'.  When this happens, we no longer feel as if we are living,  but rather surviving. Our midbrain has taken over and we lose our prefrontal attributes. For example, we no longer feel joy, passion, excitement, inner peace - it is replaced with a hypervigilance and overwhelming sensations of fear, lack of safety and stuck in an overwhelming dread and expectation that something bad is about to happen any second. We no longer are able to make clear decisions, think rationally, problem solve and remember things - rather we feel stuck in a constant state of emotional fog. Living in this state feels like a never ending nightmare that you can't seem to wake up from. 

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My approach:

On my own road to recovery I learned that there are 3 things needed in order to come out of this traumatized state:


Before we can do any of the inner work needed to heal, we have to understand what happened in the first place. Understanding how narcissistic abuse, emotional trauma, neglect and growing up in unhealthy family systems affects you is key to unraveling the internal chaos that trauma creates. I liken this to putting together a puzzle - as we gather more pieces we begin to get a clear understanding of the trauma - the external events that happened to US that were outside of our control. This helps lessen self blame and self hate and puts the blame where it belongs.

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Somatic Experiencing

Trauma gets stuck in our body. Once we understand what happened, we then have to help our body - our nervous system get on the same page as our mind otherwise we feel as if the mind wants to move us forward in life but the body is holding us back. Until we can get these two working together, we cannot overcome the side effects of trauma. This is where somatic (body) experiencing is so helpful.

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Unlearning & Rewiring

This is the hard part. Due to trauma, we often want to 'get rid of' the trauma quickly. But we are working with coping skills, survival mechanisms that are often unconscious and have been wired into our subconscious beliefs and framework. Lasting change happens only when we dedicate ourselves to unlearn the faulty 'wiring' that trauma creates and then begin updating the subconscious beliefs and frameworks that allow us to be US instead of who the trauma turned us into.

And this.... takes.... time.

The subconscious is a habit mind and it will only update when the NEW beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions have been in place long enough to make them permanent. In my opinion, too many trauma survivors quit too quickly because this stage does require consistency and time - we cannot rush the body with the mind - we must change our relationship with ourselves as bring our mind together with our body towards healing.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Michele, a Trauma Informed Coach and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. I work with clients to help them overcome the side effects of emotional trauma, narcissistic abuse and  Cptsd so they can heal their mind and body from the inside out. I used to think trauma was a life sentence until I learned how to heal my nervous system - now I'm dedicated to helping others experience the freedom and empowerment that comes with healing after trauma.

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  • 9 - 12 LIVE Mtgs Each Month
  • Access to Recorded Monthly Theme Mtgs (4 each month)
  • Live Group Coaching/ Support
  • Learn How To Regulate YOUR Nervous System
  • EFT Workshops (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Trauma Release Breathwork Sessions
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