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Narcissistic Parents Plant Negative Beliefs In Your Subconscious Mind

Mar 03, 2021
I love this quote by Bessel Van Der Kolk:
“As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself…The critical issue is allowing yourself to know what you know. That takes an enormous amount of courage.”
This week in the Thrivers School of Transformation, we talked about the importance of uncovering the subconscious programs that are preventing you from deeply healing and embracing yourself and the life that you really want.
If you've been through narcissistic abuse or were raised by toxic parents, or even unhealed unconscious parents - then your subconscious was infested with limiting and negative beliefs. Very much like a computer infected by a virus cannot function at its optimum - adult children of unhealthy parents cannot function at their optimum until the uproot those limiting beliefs.
The mistake we make is to try to get our external world to help us to feel better.
If I find someone that loves me... then I'll feel lovable.
If I move to a better place... then I'll feel happy.
If people like me... then I'll feel worthy and enough.
If this external happens then I will feel....
But the reality is that never works.
We first must change how we feel... about ourselves and then the external will follow.
This months theme in the school is More Awareness/ Less Unconsciousness. Together we will work toward knowing what's in our personal subconscious, noticing when a limiting program 'kicks on', and how to change and upgrade that program!
If you are struggling with overcoming the side effects of cptsd, if you constantly self sabotage, if you're not shifting the way you want - be sure to check out the school of transformation and see if it's for you.
If you join the Thrivers School of Transformation  in the month of March there is a 15% off coupon : The code is MARCH15OFF. Enrollment ends March 31st. Will you join us and deepen your healing journey?

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