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How to Uproot Subconscious Beliefs From Toxic Family Members

complex ptsd recovery emotional abuse recovery healing emotional trauma narcissistic abuse Mar 11, 2021
Coming face to face with the beliefs lurking within the subconscious mind is not easy and in fact, it can be quite shocking. In all honesty it would be 'easier' to not even go there, after all, there is no discomfort felt in the body when we allow those programs to keep running!!!
But - while it may feel easier in the moment to ignore what's in the subconscious, the consequences of not having the courage to take an emotional MRI of the subconscious programming within - means that those programs will continue to run your life.
Many of the beliefs within have been planted by toxic people, have been warped by toxic people's perceptions and then have been ingrained by the consistency of toxic peoples behaviors!! They have installed beliefs that are limiting, negative and hold you back from feeling or reaching your truest potential.
Much like a person that plants a virus in someone's computer, thereby affecting how efficient that computer runs, toxic people (malignant narcissists for example) infiltrate your subconscious mind and plant 'viruses' by way of limiting beliefs such as:
I'm not enough just the way I am;
I need to do for others and ignore my needs because I don't matter;
There's something wrong with me;
I'll never be happy;
I can never reach my goals;
Something bad always happens to me;
No matter how hard I try I will never heal;
I hate myself;
Do those beliefs sound familiar?
If those beliefs are running in your subconscious mind - the job of the subconscious is to make your reality happen!! So you will consistently find yourself in situations that reaffirm those beliefs.
The alternative - is to come face to face with them. Begin noticing when and why each belief 'kicks on' and then ... the challenging part - be willing to feel the discomfort in your body as you begin to change and upgrade those beliefs!!!
This month in the Thrivers School of Transformation we filled out a PDF that brought us face to face with our inner beliefs. It wasn't easy, it wasn't fun .. but it was powerfully revealing!!
What I tried to help members to remember is that we do not have to jump into the ring with our subconscious programs - they are not the enemy.
We simply need to learn how to uproot limiting beliefs and install empowering ones so that our subconscious works with us towards our preferred future instead of against us!!! Make sure to check out the snippet from last weeks class!!

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