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Chill encourages a calm mental state, and the releasing of emotional and sensory data. May be helpful when suffering from constant, long-term stress.

Primary Bioenergetic Matches:

  • Positive emotions. Supports feelings of peace, happiness, openness, and increased relaxation.
  • Cerebral cortex processing of thoughts and emotions; helps to clear mental overload, especially in relation to persistent thoughts due to worry / anxiety.

Particularly noticeable effect on aiding sleep because one of the most common causes of insomnia is excessive thought, especially worries. It is not a sedative.

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ESR (Emotional Stress Release)


The Emotional Stress Release (ESR) Infoceutical has been found to be helpful for relieving general day to day stress. Stress results when incoming data is not correctly processed into patterns.

ESR has the effect of helping the medulla process data faster and thus resolves issues into correct patterns.

When a person is “stressed” their ability to absorb food is compromised as is their ability to process thoughts. For this reason ESR has been found helpful in aiding nutrient absorption.

Emotional Stress Release supports the release of emotional stress, soothes the digestive tract, and may assist in the absorption of nutrients. May be applied topically to areas of physical trauma.

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Liberator's name comes from the idea that it can help free you from patterns of the past. It matches the emotions associated with the brainstem, cerebellum, cerebral medulla, and cerebral cortex and acts as a general corrector of shock and trauma. It helps emotions in these areas to flow in the correct direction and is designed to bring subconscious emotional issues to the conscious awareness so they can be resolved.

It also helps to restore information flow between the central nervous system, heart, and connective tissue matrix.

Some of its effects may include vivid dreams, increased daydreaming, general happiness, better sleep, an increase in problem solving abilities, and reduced anxiety. It also seems to affect hearing.

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